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Schoolze’s Fundraising Module for PTA/PTO

Get started with your fundraisers. You can run these types of campaign which will cover most of your fundraising needs.

  • Donation – Start raising funds for a project or a cause.
  • Item Sale  – Start raising funds by selling items you already have. You can also use this to sell tickets.
  • Print Fundraiser – Get creative and generate funds by selling print products like calendars, yearbooks, etc. Utilize Schoolze’s hassle-free print design and fulfillment service.
  • Event – Start publishing about your fundraiser events (like dining out events, etc)

Sign up free now to get Schoolze for PTA/PTO. Run and manage great PTA and PTO communities, and launch successful Fundraising campaigns.

Schoolze – Tools for school success

Schoolze is an all-in-one platform for Productivity & Research-based Family Engagement

Schoolze for Teachers

Schoolze makes organization and communication with parents super easy so that Teachers can create a class of success

Schoolze for PTA/PTO

Schoolze is designed ground-up for parent communities. The Productivity, Community Engagement, and Membership tools work together as a cohesive system for your group. Features include a free branded website and mobile app.

Schoolze for Schools

Schoolze measurably increases parent engagement in your school by building an open, inviting, and productive culture. We provide school leaders with tools to keep classrooms focused on both social-emotional & academic growth.

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