Automate any business process using AI & Chatbots

Customer expectations have changed in the digital & social world. With digital transformation and the constantly evolving digital landscape customers want to “interact” with your business “now” Omnichannel chatbot solutions are simplifying the relationship between RPA, Chatbot and AI. A chatbot can imitate human conversations and provide a good interface to complex systems, interact at […]

Burnbill – New way to delight your employees

Burnbill is an all-in-one digital app solution for employers and employees to deliver and enjoy company benefits. It includes tax benefits, reimbursements and employee rewards. With Burnbill employees can manage all their tax savings digitally and also earn Cashback every time they spend their allowances. It’s a double win. Burnbill covers all the major HR […]

Schoolze – Tools for school success

Schoolze is an all-in-one platform for Productivity & Research-based Family Engagement Schoolze for Teachers Schoolze makes organization and communication with parents super easy so that Teachers can create a class of success Schoolze for PTA/PTO Schoolze is designed ground-up for parent communities. The Productivity, Community Engagement, and Membership tools work together as a cohesive system […]