Customer expectations have changed in the digital & social world. With digital transformation and the constantly evolving digital landscape customers want to “interact” with your business “now”

Omnichannel chatbot solutions are simplifying the relationship between RPA, Chatbot and AI. A chatbot can imitate human conversations and provide a good interface to complex systems, interact at any time of the day, provide instant solutions and are available across the web, mobile, devices, and apps. chatbots are channel-agnostic.

Talkk provides many such chatbots and AI automation solution for various business processes. Some processes are listed below and its suite of solution can be customized for any business process or application.

Business Process Automation

Automate your business processes and save time

Become the ultimate intelligent & efficient enterprise by building powerful conversational virtual assistants to create Happy customers or employees.

Customer Service

Provide Customer Service that is not just best but legendary.

Enhance your relationship with every individual customer by creating a world-class experience. Now 80% of your routine customer service activity can be managed by conversational bots


Never Miss a Sales Opportunity

Capture and convert leads on your website by providing them all required information in a jiffy. Recommend & upsell products and services suitable for them.

Marketing & Broadcasts

Reach higher heights with Innovative Marketing

Make Chatbot your brand ambassador, increase your reach using social listening & omnichannel ability, drive awareness, extend them realtime exciting offers, send the newsletter, gratify them with rewards and create happy & loyal customers.


Increase ROI by creating Higher & Efficient Transactions

Create smart virtual agents that drive transactions on your behalf. They can interact with your enterprise systems to accomplish a specific transaction, moving data from one platform to another.

Human Resource

Revolutionize your enterprise HR experience

HR Chatbot helps you from hiring to onboarding, insights from surveys also provides instant responses to employee queries and improving the employee experience.


Never leave your customer without an answer

There is no more “We are closed” or “After Hours”, be the company who is available for 24 X 7 for their customers with the help of a robust chatbot. Your customers still gain access to the information they need.

Surveys & Feedback

Now receive constructive feedbacks by engaging Surveys

Talkk’s engaging conversational feedback platform delivers higher completion rates and more actionable insight which helps you increase customer loyalty and make better service decisions.

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